Belli Capelli The Salon 
We are a  progressive hair studio with an emphasis on bringing to our guests the ever-changing world of fashion, hair design, and makeup.  Our goal is not to be just "trendy" but to personalize each service to incorporate modern and/or classic ideology.  Our  mission is not to "pamper" but to give our guests  answers and results! We feel like when one is assured they are in good hands,  relaxation will follow...naturally. We offer additional services such as pedicures, massage therapy, body waxing, makeup lessons and makeup application.   We approach each service with the intention of teaching the guest how to follow through at home with professional tools, products, and skill to achieve the desired results.  This is who we are! This is what we do! 

Our staff is highly trained and educated, and operates as a team.  Every Service Provider has specific talents and gifts that lend to the good of the group. We not only love that - we count on it! Each of our Service Providers have completed an advanced Associate Program under the direction of a Stylist Instructor. After written and oral tests, they are graduated onto the floor as a Level 1 stylist. This instruction gives them the equivalent of a 3-4 year  experienced  technician.  The guest can rest assured that this apprenticeship intersects great relational skills with technical expertise.

The Service Providers can then  be promoted to higher levels through our performance-based compensation program.  As specific requirements are met, it brings with it rewards in terms of more demand on the technician's time and  ability, therefore, their service prices are reflective.


The Owners: Damon and Cari Boswell 
Damon began his career in cosmetology as a hairstylist at West Side Hair Design in Anoka, Minnesota in 1991. The shop later became renamed as Marc Steven Salon under the same ownership.   In 1999, Damon and Cari purchased the salon and renamed it Belli Capelli, which is Italian for "lovely locks" or " beautiful hair".  Realizing that in order to grow the salon into a force in the northern metro, they relocated to up-and-coming Andover in a newly commercialized area.  The business exploded at an 85% growth.  

Damon says, "My personal strength has always been in networking, and so as I brought that into the professional  arena, it has been the nucleus of my success in building a strong and loyal clientele. I believe in giving to get. Earning my guest's trust is paramount to a growing professional relationship. And, an important feature of that relationship is teaching each guest everything they need to know so they can reproduce, as best they can, what we give them in their salon visit.  It is my conviction that people need information through time, communication, and application in order to achieve results once they leave our care. Belli Capelli is a teaching salon from the top down, and that ultimately results in an exciting environment where learning and growing are always on the menu."    

Cari's background is in education and administration.  Although not a Service Provider, she has proven highly creative in designing the salon, and marketing to the guest through creating a warm and inviting environment. She has played a major role in the training and stability of the front end hospitality and guest handling of the Support Staff. 

"Even though our roles are quite different and pivotal," Damon says, "our purpose, mission, and philosophy are dead-on with each other - to offer nothing less than superior guest services all the way from how we answer the phone and field a question, to educating each guest on  products and techniques to make their life at home easier. Our point of difference is that we will inconvenience ourselves to take care of our guests - that is our belief system.  We cannot do everything, and we are not perfect, but we know we are different because we believe in giving people what is valuable to them...not us.  A satisfied guest isn't good enough for us - we aim for the "WOW" factor - exceeding expectations by first finding out what their expectations are."  

"Our growth, as owners and as a salon, lies in our people. Yes, we do services - but our people are the 'real deal'. I will not hire anyone who is not willing to grow, and come with a desire to never stop learning and teaching others.  Growing people is what we do, and it's what makes every day fun for us. Happier and more successful technicians result in more rewarding guest experiences! Everyone wins!"