Level 4 Hair Designer / Colorist
Redken Certified Hair Colorist
Deva Inspired “Architexture” Stylist

Born and raised in Minnesota, Cindi started her hairdressing journey in Arizona.  After five years working behind the chair there, she returned back home to continue her artistic and technical development at Belli Capelli.  For Cindi, hair is something that appeals to our senses and emotions as well as our intellect and instincts.  She believes art can be created with any tool and any medium! When Cindi isn’t out seeking inspiration in the natural world, she is studying trends in fashion and art, as well as hair.  Attention to accuracy and detail has become a hallmark of her work…because knowing the rules allows for creative rule-breaking!  Cindi enjoys consulting thoroughly with each guest. She will share her ideas while working with each guests’ individual needs and desires.  Her goal is to create a custom look just for you!


getting to

know me…

If I was not doing hair I would be:  a dog trainer

Best career advice I’ve gotten:  Listen, Watch, Stay Open

How I made my first dollar:  Chores around the house

First Album I bought:  Falco3

One thing I’m exceptionally good at:  Overthinking

One thing I’m epically bad at:  Remembering names

If I could compete in an Olympic Sport it would be:  Color-Matching….(does that count?)

After a challenging day, I like to decompress by:  Writing / Journaling

A favorite childhood memory:  Up a tree, reading a book!

My first kiss:  In the hall, between classes

If I sang karaoke, my go-to song would be:  Any Weird Al Yankovich song!

I laugh the hardest while: taking goofy-face selfies with Brett



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