Level 4A Hair Designer / Colorist
Redken Certified Hair Colorist

A stylist for over 25 years, and now celebrating 20 years as owner of Belli Capelli, it is clear that Damon loves what he does!   Damon considers himself to be a technical hair designer. He believes that precision haircuts allow for more freedom and creativity in the overall style of the cut. Being precise and on purpose in executing cutting or coloring techniques gives the ability to be knowledgeable even when breaking the rules and going outside of the lines! Damon has built his success in hair on his ability to connect with people’s needs and wants. Teaching his guests how to recreate their look at home and help them to feel great about what they can do is pivotal to Damon’s sense of success in the business. He constantly looks to better himself through education and hands-on class experiences.


getting to

know me…

If I weren’t a stylist I would be: a fashion designer and owner of a men’s clothing store

Best career advice I’ve gotten:  “Don’t try to achieve perfection…perfectionism isn’t real…it doesn’t exist!  Pursue excellence instead.

How I made my first dollar: A paper route

Book that left a lasting impression on me: the Bible

First album I bought:  Manhattan Transfer

Favorite food indulgence:  an Old-Fashion Donut

One thing I’m exceptionally good at: being keenly aware of what is going on around me!

One thing I’m epically bad at:  technology or mechanical things

If I could compete in an Olympic Sport it would be: diving

On my bucket list: write a book

The beauty essential I never want to give up:  tanning once a week

After a challenging day, I like to decompress by: reflecting on the day and my responses & reactions to the events and people of the day

A favorite childhood memory:  My great-grandmother’s molasses cookies

If I sang karaoke, my go-to song would be:  Ain’t Nothin’ Gonna Break-a-My-Stride – Matthew Wilder

My most prized possession:  My wedding ring

The time I remember laughing the hardest was: watching the You-tube video of the girl burning her hair off!

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