Level 4 Hair Designer / Colorist
Redken Hair Colorist

Krista joined Belli Capelli in 2001, and graduated from our Associate Program! Krista’s strengths in communication and reading people well have suited her greatly in building a strong clientele. Krista has found a unique talent to reach out and service guests of all age groups, as different ages have different hair needs and wants. She is a precision haircutter and technical colorist, yet looks at every guest as a creative outlet.


getting to

know me….

If I was not doing hair I would be:  doing something in the medical industry…or maybe a stay-at-home-mom… without kids!

Best career advice I’ve gotten:  Always keep growing!

First album I bought:   A random compilation of old commercial jingles!

Favorite food indulgence:   Salt & Vinegar kettle chips

Things at which I am exceptionally good at:  Cooking…Eating….Sarcasm

One thing I am epically bad at:  Remembering significant dates (birthdates & anniversaries)

A favorite childhood memory:  Accidentally riding my bike off the end of our dock…in April…really, really cold!

Movie with the greatest ending:  Any movie where the main characters are still alive!

The person I most greatly admire:  My dad….he is just the best!

My first kiss:  was awkward!

If I sang karaoke, my go-to song would be:  YMCA

My most prized possession:  My husband and kids

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